Sunday, November 16, 2008

old memories: trip to Shantivan

Its been a long time since I'm planning to add something here but not getting time to do so. So as a starter just uploading the souvenir of an office bash that I had written (along with a colleague) few months back.

here it is: Shantivan trip 1.pdf


  1. Write something about our journey to Bhimashankar :) and how did we explore the caves and fog..

  2. how can i dare to write abt it when u were also there. U r the best person to write about it, in ur poetic manner. U add it on ur blog, I'll link it from here :)

    actually I wanted to write about lot of things.. some of the incidents that I remember from my trips, like last yrs trip to Goa or even from my Chennai visit... but not able to find sufficient time. :(